Core Investing Beliefs Part 2: Managing an Investment Portfolio

In the last post, we talked about our first core investing belief, that asset allocation is the most important decision in investment management. This post introduces our second core investing belief, that changing financial markets require continuous monitoring and tactical flexibility.

This philosophy is contrary to the typical buy-and-hold approach that investors have been persuaded to embrace. Many people are convinced the proper way to invest is to simply leave their money in the market and hope for a decent return. We believe there is a better way! We feel investors should emulate the large, institutional investors by taking a more sophisticated, tactical approach to investing.

At Willamette Investment Advisors, we maintain a forward-looking investment process that is focused on long-term trends in the financial markets. So, depending on what is taking place in the financial markets, we adjust our clients’ mix of investments to both mitigate risk and take advantage of investment opportunities.

With record low interest rates and extreme stock market volatility, how are your investments positioned for what lies ahead? Give us a call; we’d love to discuss it with you.